Job Opportunity Details

Director of Construction and Real Estate

Posted: 5/24/2023

Hiring Location: Office of Chief Operating Officer - Pastoral Center
Address: 3725 Blackburn St., Dallas, TX 75219 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Weekends/OT Required: No
Education Required: Bachelors Degree (Preferred)
Catholic Required: Yes
Bilingual Required: No

Job Description

General Summary of the Position

Directs, controls and coordinates construction and real estate activities through professional consultation with Pastors, Presidents, Principals, Business Managers and other leaders in Diocesan entities. Recommends, implements and ensures compliance with construction related policies and procedures of the Diocese. Functions as the liaison between Diocesan Sr. Management and Diocesan Entities on construction and real estate projects. This Director position serves all entities within the Diocese of Dallas excluding the Pastoral Center and its related entities on Pebblebrook, the University Catholic Center, and the St. Rafael Retreat Center.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Position

• Provide consultation and support to Diocesan Entities regarding design, constructability, zoning, cost and scheduling for construction, renovation and major repair projects. Throughout this process, assist the Entities with timing of engagement of construction professionals and selection of construction professionals (Architects, Project Managers, and General Contractors).
• Provide consultation and support to Diocesan Entities for real estate transactions; assist entities as needed with engagement of vendors for surveys, appraisals, environmental inspections and realtors.
• Maintain a listing of approved vendors with whom Diocesan entities may contract. Ensure that professionals have met the proper insurance, licensing and bond requirements. Update listing continually and revise as vendor feedback is received from entities as projects are completed.
• Ensure appropriate (approved) contracts are used on all construction projects and real estate transactions. Interface with Diocesan attorneys regarding construction or real estate contracts as necessary.
• Inform, discuss and ensure compliance with Diocesan policies and procedures for construction, renovation, major repair and real estate transactions – including required approvals by the Bishop, Sacred Places Commission, COO and CFO.
• Create a Diocesan Building Commission and charter, serve as Chair and coordinate meetings and activities.
• Serve as a liaison between the Diocesan Building Commission and the Sacred Places
• Maintain electronic schedule of all construction, renovation, major repair and real estate projects. Maintain electronic files of all project documentation. Provide monthly recap of projects, including status and approvals, to COO. Ensure all projects are appropriately progressing through the approval process.
• As appropriate, review pay applications and approve prior to payment by Diocesan Entity; may be required on some occasions to coordinate with project lenders. Approve and/or consult on change orders as appropriate.
• After projects are completed, survey Diocesan entity to evaluate vendors and contractors to assess the success of the project related to planning, implementation, design and cost.
• Create and maintain an inventory of Diocesan properties.
• Provide training: plan and conduct pastor / administrator / business manager / facility manager workshops on facility maintenance and new building construction as appropriate.
• Coordinate with Director of Purchasing and Contract Management on insurance claims for damage and destruction to Diocesan entities and on recommendations from insurance carriers regarding safety hazard and other compliance issues.
• Coordinate with the Director of Security and Emergency Management on construction matters involving fire code, building security, and other facility safety measures.
• Assist the Diocesan Entities when needed in the interaction with city officials regarding building code compliance and zoning considerations.
• Provide input on consideration of Diocesan capital improvements and strategic planning for facilities.
• Assure compliance with real estate tax requirements and assist Diocesan entities with available exemptions and reductions in assessed property values.
• Other duties as assigned by COO.

This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the duties and responsibilities of the position. The duties and responsibilities of the position may be changed at the sole discretion of the Diocese of Dallas – Pastoral Center.

The Diocese of Dallas – Pastoral Center reserves the right to modify this job description without notice to the employee. This job description is not a contract and does not alter the employee’s at-will employment status.

Job Requirements

Position Requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• At least 10 years combined experience in architecture, construction and/or real estate management.
• Ability to manage projects from ideas to the complete development, design and construction process.
• Excellent customer service and consultative skills; able to work effectively with clergy, religious, laity and staff.
• Ability to organize, prioritize and utilize effective time management techniques.
• Self-starter, service oriented.
• Working knowledge of email, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Education and Experience:
• College degree or equivalent in related fields

Special Requirements:
• None

Physical Requirements Specific to the Job:
• N/A

Hiring Contact

Name and Title: Erika Hernandez- Talent Acquisition Specialist
Phone: 2143793186

How to submit resume: Email

Approved - Yes