Job Opportunity Details

Ministry Assistant and Special Events Coordinator

Posted: 10/27/2023

Hiring Location: St. Francis of Assisi, Frisco, Texas - Parish
Address: 8000 Eldorado Parkway, Frisco, TX 75033 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: Monday - Thursday 10:00 - 6:00 PM; Fridays and weekends vary with some events
Weekends/OT Required: Occasionally
Education Required: Associates Degree
Catholic Required: Yes
Bilingual Required: Yes

Job Description

General Summary of the Position

St. Francis of Assisi Parish is looking for a hard-working, solutions-orientated, and passionate individual to serve in the role of Ministry Assistant and Special Events Coordinator. The main objective of this role is to serve the active ministries and parishioners/volunteers of a very vibrant, bustling, Christ-filled parish. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, strives for superior “customer” (parishioner/volunteer) service, innovative, and able to perform key tasks independently in a timely manner. The Ministry Assistant and Special Events Coordinator is able to authentically journey with ministries and ministry leaders spiritually as well as address their logistic and other needs (room reservations, communications, schedule conflicts, etc.) In addition, the Ministry Assistant and Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for coordinator parish-wide events including working with other staff and recruiting volunteers to ensure successful events.

The ideal candidate has a servant’s heart, is passionate about their Catholic faith and being a disciple of Jesus Christ and highly capable of serving the needs of the Parish’s ministries. He or she is extremely organized and good and managing multiple projects with volunteers and staff. In addition, the ideal candidate is great at troubleshooting, researching, investigating, and solving problems related ministries.

The Office Hours for this position are Monday – Thursday, 10:00 – 6:00; Fridays and weekend hours vary depending upon events.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Position

• Works in tandem with Ministry and Safe Environment Manager to ensure ministries are successful and making the desired impact within the community.
• Hospitality advocate – responsible for fostering a welcoming, open, hospitable experience for all volunteers, ministries and visitors.
• Collaborates Ministry and Safe Environment Manager, Senior Director of Operations, and Parish Leadership Team (PLT) to ensure St. Francis of Assisi is offering sufficient, quality, successful, and meaningful ministries which further the mission of the parish and serve to help create disciples of Christ for all participants.
• Looks for opportunities for ministries to collaborate with each other in areas such as, but not limited to, joint events and fundraisers and shared service projects/opportunities.
• Leads the communication and collaboration with all volunteer ministry leaders and maintains an excellent, positive working relationship with all ministry leadership.
• Supports the Ministry and Safe Environment Manager’s efforts to resolve all issues related to ministries, schedules, meeting spaces, safe environment, childcare, kitchen use, technology equipment, and facilities in general.
• Donut Sunday: Responsible for coordinating all aspects of Donut Sunday including ensuring all supplies are ordered, publicity occurs in a timely manner, recruits volunteers/ministries to share in the responsibility of planning, implementing and hosting Donut Sunday. Ensure budget is maintained and all receipts are submitted properly.
• Supports the Ministry and Safe Environment Manager to actively work to ensure proper number of events, including fundraising actives, communications needs (bulletin announcements, Mass announcements, electronic announcements) are spread strategically and wisely throughout the year.
• Responsible for operating in a customer-service role to help volunteers find meeting and event rooms, answer basic questions regarding parish, campus, and technology equipment. Assist with smaller room set up needs especially for parishioners of greatest need.
• Takes initiative to keep abreast of all parish events and activities to inform volunteers and visitors accurately.
• Responsible for ensuring meeting space is being used as scheduled and reporting all meeting “no-shows” that are not cancelled in the scheduling system in advance; and ministries are leaving meeting spaces clean and arranged according to the room set up protocol
• Responsible for ensuring all ministries are good stewards of the meeting spaces, equipment, technology, supplies and materials.
Room Rentals:
o Responsible for working with individuals and groups who want to rent for a fee rooms/space at St. Francis (i.e. in Parish Center).
o Provide reservation, Pricing, Facility Use Agreement, ensure Deposit and Rental Fee is paid, be available during reservation if necessary.
o Ensure condition of room after rental is satisfactory.
Special Events Coordinator:
Responsible for overseeing the following events, including leading a team of cross-functional staff and volunteers as needed (i.e., Facilities, IT/AV, Communications, Liturgy, etc.)
o St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day/Blessing of the Animals
o St. Joseph’s Feast Day
o Valentine’s Day Galal
o Fall Festival – working with volunteer Chair
o Smaller events/receptions such as bishop/cardinal visits may also take place.

o Responsible for working with staff/volunteers to plan all aspects of events such as budget, event details, food/beverages, logistics, tickets sales/fundraising component if applicable, etc.
o Responsible for working with other staff (i.e. Facilities, Communication), volunteers, vendors and Day Porters to help arrange details and logistics for all special events (set up, day-of event, tear down) to ensure success of special events throughout the campus.
o Other potential events (i.e., Veteran’s Day)
o Responsible for overseeing the nursery staff including scheduling nursery staff.
o Responsible for approving payroll of all Nursery Staff.
o Responsible for understanding needs of ministry and staff in order to properly scheduling nursery staff.
o Responsible for working to resolve any issues with nursery that may arise.
o Overall responsible to ensure that the nursery runs smoothly and that the staff, children and parents have a safe and enjoyable environment and experience.
• As directed by the Ministry and Safe Environment Manager, responsible for scheduling all events and meetings using parish software “eSpace”, and resources for ministries. Collaborate with Liturgy and Worship staff and other appropriate staff to ensure all events are accurately entered in the scheduling software.
• As directed by the Ministry and Safe Environment Manager, in collaboration with the Technology and Media Specialist, ensures meeting and event schedule is always accurately displayed on the parish website and on parish video monitors and smart display boards.
• Supports the Ministry and Safe Environment Manager’s role of ensuing ministries follow the proper process and protocol for submitting requests for fundraisers, events, and promotions.
• Responsible for ensuring all ministry supplies are purchased, stocked and readily available for ministry usage
• Supports the Ministry and Safe Environment Manager’s efforts to oversee proper use of Ministry copier/printer to help with ministry needs and proper operation of equipment.
• Oversees database management including entering of names and data, maintaining membership rolls of ministry groups into parish database.
• Execute other duties as deemed necessary by the pastor, Senior Director of Operations and Ministry and Safe Environment Manager.
• Responsible for supporting the Safe Environment coordinator as needed with interviews, background checks, coordinating/recruiting volunteers for both English and Spanish.

This role serves as the primary lead for the following Kitchen tasks (note: other Ministry and Safe Environment Manager will collaborate and serve as back up for these responsibilities as well)
• Collaborates with Facilities and Maintenance team to oversee the proper use of the parish Kitchen by all ministries. Works with Ministry and Safe Environment Manager and Senior Director of Operations to enforce any penalties needed for ministry not adhering to kitchen guidelines and best practices.
• Responsible for ensuring all supplies (i.e., paper/dry supplies, coffee/coffee supplies, etc.) are ordered and kept in stock, accessible to all ministries.
• Responsible for monitoring Kitchen before each use to ensure it is clean and in proper working order; responsible for examining Kitchen after each use to ensure Checklist is complete.
• Responsible for communicating to Facilities and Maintenance Team and/or Ministry and Safe Environment Manager any needs in the kitchen such as repairs to equipment, and any maintenance needs.

Communications to Ministries:
• Responsible for ensuring timely and relevant information is provided to all ministry leads and ministries as needed.
• Collaborates with other departments such as Faith Formation/Youth Ministry, Communications, Liturgy and Worship, Sacraments, etc. to ascertain all relevant information to keep ministries well-informed.
• In tandem with other Ministry and Safe Environment Manager staff, pays close attention to activities of ministries to foster collaboration between ministries.
• Responsible for attending all “official” Ministry Committee meetings as well as support the Ministry Committee Chair and other members in their efforts to support the pastor’s vision for excellence in ministries.

Job Requirements

Position Requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Must possess a servant-leadership mindset.
• Must understand the concept of being “customer” (“parishioner”) driven and orientated.
• Must maintain a positive, upbeat, self-starting, solutions-centered, can-do attitude.
• Must be adept at problem solving.
• Must be adaptable to change quickly and be a very flexible team player.
• Must understand the importance of the parishioners and the community served by St. Francis of Assisi.
• Must be able to thrive with minimal supervision.
• Must have the ability to listen carefully and take direction well.
• Ability to manage time and prioritize accordingly.
• Must be a Catholic in good standing.
• Must have excellent organization skills.
• Must have excellent written and oral communications skills.
• Advanced MS Office experience, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel; Apple (iOS) platform experience beneficial.
• Must support the vision and strategic direction of the Pastor.
• The Office Hours for this position are Monday – Thursday, 10:00 – 6:00; Fridays and weekend hours vary depending upon events.

Education and Experience:
• Bilingual (English and Spanish) required.
• Associate degree in related field

Additional Information

Ministry Assistant and Special Events Coordinator Detailed Job Description

Hiring Contact

Name and Title: Hiring Manager
Phone: 9727122645

How to submit resume: Email

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