HONDURAS Medical Mission 
To Bonito Oriental, Honduras

Mission Dates - February 24-March 3, 2024

Health care in the country of Honduras is limited only to those people that can afford to pay for it; health insurance is not part of their vocabulary.  The government does provide limited service to the poor but it still has a price placed on it. 

As a missionary ambassador of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas and respectful of your Catholic Faith you will be traveling to our Sister Diocese of Trujillo, Honduras serving in the community of Bonito Oriental.  As a missionary you will join with others from the Diocese of Dallas to create a learning environment which encourages discussion, prayerful introspection and reflection upon your personal life journey.  As a missionary you will be a witness of your Christian faith to those entrusted into your care as a sign of Jesus  reaching out to those that are suffering.

Do not think that if you are not a medical professional you are unable to go on a medical mission. If we have four doctors at each location, we will need at least eight nurses and 15 to 20 lay support people to serve the mission -- speaking Spanish is not a requirement.  Please pray about this life-changing experience as an opportunity to come face-to-face with Jesus in the people of our sister Diocese of Trujillo, Honduras.

Donations to the Diocese of Dallas for the mission trip is $2,000.00.  This includes airfare, accommodations and all travel.

For more information please contact:

Juan Rendon