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In light of the circumstances of COVID-19 we are putting together some resources for everyone. May we all pray for each other, and turn to Christ for his guidance.



Domestic Violence Webpage




City of Dallas Domestic Violence Taskforce 

  CITY OF DALLAS - Coronavirus (COVID-19): ResourcesThe City of Dallas launched a COVID-19 resource and information hotline. The automated hotline offers information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The number is 214-670-INFO (4636) and provides Dallas residents with important and useful information, in English and Spanish.


Livestream of Masses: 


Online Learning:

  The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation at the University of Dayton continues to offer online webinars and courses: VLCFF 




  Carey Nieuwhof offers tools and resources for church leadership in response to COVID and how to lead while dealing with stress and anxiety. He also has great tips in leading through crisis.



 Family Life: 


  Strong Catholic Family Faith offers tips, prayers, and apps that can help build family prayer and the relationship between them.



  The U.S. Catholic magazine has an article on ways we can handle staying at home.



 ABS-Beyond-Trauma-Catholic-2020-07.pdf  The American Bible Society Catholic Guide to Spiritual aid


 Guia-Mas-alla-del-trauma-Guía para el moderador.pdf



  In 1994, the US Catholic Bishops wrote a pastoral message to families citing them as domestic church and are the future of humanity, but more importantly " It urges families to seek the healing, strength, and meaning that Christ offers through his Church. It pledges the support of the Church so that families might recognize their resources and carry out their responsibilities in a changing world."


  The Institute for Family Studies writes a good article about how COVID is offering an opportunity to refresh Fatherhood and see it as a gift received and given. 



  Our Sunday Visitor is hosting several webcasts surrounding,"The Covid-19 pandemic has complicated or made impossible many things for us all, including the special time spent with grandchildren. How can grandparents continue to truly make a difference in their grandchildren’s lives?" 


 The McGrath Institute For Church Life at the University of Notre Dame is hosting a series of virtual seminars throughout summer 2020 aimed at empowering pastoral leaders and scholars for the work of renewing the Church, especially in light of present challenges. This series builds upon the “Called & Co-Responsible” conference convened in March 2020, which explored and promoted the shared responsibility of all the baptized for the evangelizing mission of the Church.


Quarantine: A New Chance to be a Father: "...So as husband and father, my confidence and conviction can be a life-giving cornerstone. I can keep informed, and exercise careful foresight in protecting ourselves and our loved ones, and aiding those in need, all the while assiduously avoiding fear-mongering and woe-is-me. I must remember that fear and discouragement can be more contagious than germs, since they can be projected by inner feelings and by words..."


  The Play and Pray Challenge is a way for us to spread the kingdom of Jesus Christ into every home in a fun, interactive way. We have learned that if you are going to PRAY with your family, you need to PLAY with them!






  How to Practice Self-SoothingThe most effective way to counteract stonewalling in your relationship is a healthy alternative called physiological self-soothing. But first, you both need to stop the discussion using the “time out” signal that you’ve determined works for both of you. If you keep going, you’ll find yourself exploding at your partner, or imploding and stonewalling, neither of which will get you anywhere.


  The Diocese of Kalamazoo is hosting a series of retreat workshops for engaged, dating, and married couples from May 19th to June 30th. This series is designed to put the Eucharist at the center of your relationships. To register for this workshop series see the link below.



  Praying for Patience: What I learned from God's Time vs. My Own: "...Mother Angelica said that “patience is adjusting our time to God’s time,” and that’s a problem for those of us who have grown so dependent on an instant-gratification culture filled with Amazon Prime, good wifi, and remote voice commands..."


  Institute for Family Studies: is dedicated to strengthening marriage and family life, and advancing the well-being of children through research and public education. Addressing family life is what we do, and we invite you to learn more about ways to strengthen families in America and around the world


  The Search Institute gives us tips on how we can continue to cheer parents on. Parenting during a pandemic is hard—really, really hard. It helps to be able to talk to someone else who’s going through it, too. One way youth workers, parent educators, teachers, and other family-serving professionals can facilitate these kinds of connections is offering a virtual space where parenting adults can connect from time to time, share their highs and lows, and talk a bit about what they need to talk about.


  Faith and Grief: This is an online resource based here in Dallas, that has been offering support for those who have been experiencing loss of loved ones.



  Is COVID-19 Setting the Stage for a Miracle? (Article): We are living in unprecedented times. In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has managed to usurp the rhythm of our daily lives, throwing us into a chaotic, fearful, and challenging existence…click the link for more of the article.


 Newlyweds in the Time of the Coronavirus: "Now we have every waking and sleeping moment together for what looks like at least a month; it’s a perfect opportunity to grow together as a couple..."






  Embrace the opportunity to connect and create This is an article with ideas and steps for families to create routine and structure for while we have the shelter in place.

 Ascension Presents is an online resource that provides articles, videos, and podcasts related to a variety of topics including culture, seasons of the church, faith, and more. Some of the presenters are Matt Fradd and Fr. Mike Schmitz Strong Catholic Family Faith to empower and equip Catholic leaders to accompany and form faith-filled Catholic families.




Marriage Resources: This website is an initiative started by the USCCB that offers articles and other resources for couples dating, engaged, and married. This website also provides articles related to family life and parenting
 Busted Halo is a unique media resource that utilizes a relevant and accessible voice to help people understand the Catholic faith, put it into practice in their everyday lives, and share it with others.



  Parenting during crisis of COVID-19: The goal is to encourage parents and get husbands and wives to talk to each other and to be intentional about their parenting.





Online Natural Family Planning:

 Introduction to Natural Family Planning 

 Billings Method-Full course 

 Couple to Couple League


 What leaders should know about Infertility webinar Monday, May 12th 

Older Adult Resources: 

The mission of the Catholic Grandparent Association is To help Grandparents pass on the faith and keep prayer in the heart of family life

 older adult seniors wishing to share and explore their Catholic faith. That includes everything from faith blogs to travel, health and wellness tips to movie reviews and more. 



Family Life Department

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Who we are

The Family Life Department of the Diocese of Dallas serves as a resource to parishes, deaneries and other institutions within the Diocese on the pastoral care of the family. Our goal is to assist the parish leaders in the development of comprehensive programs for families adapted to the needs of each individual parish community.

The Diocese of Dallas Family Life Department exists to encourage and empower parishes to minister to the diversity of families that are present today in our communities by offering education, resources and support to families in all aspects of their life.

We can also provide information and referral on family services such as counseling in different areas and situations that affect our families today.


What we do

  • Marriage Enrichment Programs
  • Parenting Programs
  • Ministries for Women and Men
  • Ministry for Single Adults
  • Grief Ministry: Support for healing from loss, divorce, miscarriage, separation, etc.
  • Addictions Ministry: Support for people dealing with drugs, alcohol, pornography and other substance abuse.
  • Older Adult Ministry (Seniors)


Departamento de Vida Familiar

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Quiénes somos

El Departamento de Vida Familiar de la Diócesis de Dallas sirve como recurso para las parroquias y los decanatos y otras instituciones dentro de la Diócesis en lo referente a la atención pastoral de la familia. Nuestro objetivo es asistir a los líderes parroquiales en el desarrollo de programas con y para la familia y que se adapten a las necesidades de cada comunidad parroquial.

El Departamento de Vida Familiar de la Diócesis de Dallas existe para animar a las parroquias a que sirvan a los diferentes tipos de familias que están presentes hoy en nuestra comunidad. Esto lo hacemos ofreciendo educación, recursos y apoyo a las familias en todos los aspectos de la vida.

También podemos ofrecer información y recursos en materias tales como consejería en diferentes áreas y situaciones que afectan a nuestras familias hoy.


Qué Hacemos

  • Programas de Enriquecimiento Matrimonial
  • Programas para Padres de Familia
  • Ministerios para Mujeres y Hombres
  • Ministerio para Adultos Solteros
  • Ministerio de Apoyo en el Dolor: Apoyo para la sanación después de la pérdida de un ser querido, perdida de un embarazo, programas para divorciados, separados, etc.
  • Ministerio de Adiciones: Apoyo para aquellas personas que han desarrollado una adición a las drogas, alcohol, pornografía y otras substancias.
  • Ministerio para Adultos Mayores

RECURSOS:  |  1-800-214-6028

Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Conoce tu fertilidad y Entrenamiento para facilitadores

Paulus Media – Pasión por el Evangelio

Creemos que el camino a la verdadera felicidad radica en la opción intencional y determinada de seguir a Jesús, por lo que, estar con él, aprender y emular su vida con aquellos a nuestro alrededor es nuestro cometido para desde ahí, invitar a otros a hacer lo mismo.


Coronavirus (COVID-19): Recursos

La ciudad de Dallas lanzó una línea directa de recursos e información COVID-19. La línea directa automatizada ofrece información las 24 horas del día, los siete días de la semana.
El número es 214-670-INFO (4636) y brinda a los residentes de Dallas información importante y útil, en inglés y español.


The Guadalupe Radio Network

Radio para us alma. Estamos aquí para servir a la Iglesia a través del poderoso medio de radio




PAPA Y SANTA SEDE - Crisis del coronavirus: El Papa llama a “poner en el centro la dignidad de la persona y del trabajo”

Más información

Necesitamos la paternidad amorosa, fuerte y el cuidado espiritual de San José para ayudarnos a devolver el orden a nuestros hogares


El Evangelio meditado Cristo viene a manifest el amor 

Meditación para hot  Salir de las tinieblas




Contacts/ Contactos:


Alicia Saucedo
Family Life Ministry

Family Life Coordinator
(214) 379-2881


Michael Stratman
Family Life Ministry

Associate Director of Family Life
(214) 379- 2880