What is Evangelization?

Evangelization is sharing the good news of jesus one person at a time.


Sharing the Good News of jesus

  • Encounter
  • Accompany
  • Community
  • Send
  • The first step to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others is to experience his love and his Church as good news. We do this by encountering God in the person of Jesus, "dropping our nets" (Mark 1:18), and answering the call of Jesus to follow him. All of our efforts in evangelization must be first directed to making a space for people to have a personal encounter with Jesus. We encounter Jesus in the family, the Church, and in and through others.

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  • Truly experiencing the love of Jesus in our lives as"good news" naturally leads to genuine desire to share the love of God with others. Encounter needs accompaniment - that is, the path of discipleship with Jesus and with those who would call him Master. Pope Francis invites us to be constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus to others and to be authentically present to the people in our lives. In this way, the everyday moments of our lives provide opportunities to accompany others on a walk of faith.

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  • The place toward which we accompany others is the Church. The Holy Spirit binds together followers of Jesus in communal worship of the Father. Everything about the Church, from the liturgy to the relationships between her members, is directed toward sending more disciples out on mission. The Church evangelizes and from this task receives her life anew.

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  • This is the moment in which disciples, rooted in the community of the Church, are sent to welcome new people into a life of encounter, accompaniment, community, and sending. The ultimate thrust of discipleship is to be sent out in hopes of bringing people far from Jesus into the loving embrace of the Father. As Pope Francis reminds us, God sends us to everyone. The Church, animated by the Holy Spirit, strengthens disciples with relationships, programs, and charity, so that the life of the Church may be constantly renewed one person at a time.

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One person at a time

Evangelization needn't be an assault on the masses all at once. Nor should it merely be the running of a program to a room full of people. Rather, evangelization for discipleship must begin by experiencing life in Jesus as "good news" and asking for the grace to share this news with others - one person at a time.

Let's start by talking to one another - getting coffee or eating and drinking together. Extending a hand to our neighbor who has a different story than us is the first and most authentic step to forming a relationship for Jesus. Start a conversation with someone today.

One place to start is to message or call Cheryl Whapham,  Director of Catechetical Services  for the Diocese of Dallas, at or 214-379-2851.


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"Evangelization and Discipleship" - Curtis Martin


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