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Advanced Directive for Catholics

In the Fall of 2009, Bishop Kevin J. Farrell asked the St. Thomas More Society of the Diocese of Dallas to prepare a model Directive to Physicians (a.k.a "Living Will") and Medical Power of Attorney for use by Texas Catholics. Society President Mark Cronenwett appointed a committee, which prepared drafts and circulated them to other lawyers, physicians, and ethicists in the field. The committee was chaired by Ellen Eisenlohr Dorn and its members included: Thomas Brandt. Mark Cronenwett, Vince Hess, Kimberly Lawler, and Jeff Turner.

The committee's final work was presented to the Bishop on September 1, 2009. The Bishop reviewed these documents, consulted with various advisors, and approved them in December, 2010.

These forms are available to all attorneys who represent Catholic residents of Texas, to enable attorneys to help their clients receive end-of-life care in accordance with the Catholic Faith.

Workshops on Advance Care Planning


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Christ the King Dallas, November 9, 2022

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