CCHD Local Grant Application

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General Information

Contact Information

Eligibility Questions

Does your organization have 501(c)3 status?
Is your organization non-partisan?
Is your organization in line with the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church?
Does your organization address the root causes of poverty?
Does your organization work with persons directly experiencing economic or social injustice?
Does your organization generate cooperation among and within diverse groups?
Does your organization give a decision-making voice to those living in poverty?
Do the people your organization serves benefit from your program?
Does your organization offer leadership development?
Does your organization have growing organizational development?
Does your organization have other sources of funding?
Has this organization received a CCHD Local Grant in the past?

Project Information

Please attach a Word or PDF document with a project description of approximately 1000 words addressing the following questions:

  • What is the goal of the project or organization? What problem is it addressing?
  • Why are you requesting CCHD funds? How will your organization use them?
  • How many people do you estimate will be helped by this program?  In what ways?
  • In addition, please include a financial report for the last fiscal year.
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