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Mary Immaculate Faith Formation – “Community of Faith”

At Mary Immaculate we launched family catechesis as an option for the 2019-2020 school year. I chose Family of Faith curriculum from Sophia Institute, but branded it for my parish and called it Community of Faith. I met with a market research group of parents in order to successfully launch the branding. Here is our website for more info: www.maryimmaculatechurch.org/communityoffaith

Out of the 500 families registered in total for religious education we had 80 families sign up for Spanish sessions and 25 signed up in English sessions.  I actually capped registration for the Spanish session and turned away at least 25 families because we wouldn’t fit in our parish hall. Next year I am planning to open a Saturday session as well in Spanish.

We have an extensive check-in system when the families arrive which is run by our hospitality committee group. Hospitality is comprised of master Catechists, parents, and teen volunteers. The families pick up their name tags, check attendance and the volunteers check if they did their homework.

The English session begins at 9am and concludes with 10:45 Mass. The Spanish Mass begins at 9am and then the families head to session. In English I’ve booked guest speakers to lead the catechetical session at each meeting.   In Spanish, Omar Aguilar leads the catechetical session and we invite Catechists to come and lead the Family Activities. 

One of the moms came up to me crying on the first day and she said that this is a great ministry and she’s so grateful for all that went into the preparation. I’ve conducted a survey on their experience and they have no complaints, which is incredible because it requires significantly more parent commitment! 

The nature walk was one of the initial sessions we had, and we held it at a nearby garden and concluded with s’mores. It was incredible to see how many families attended and really enjoyed the family moment! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. If you’d like to come and see what it’s like our next date is March 15. 

Many blessings,

Caroline Wilks


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